Thursday, 25 December 2008

Monday, 1 December 2008

V & A Friday Late

Well, I went off to the late opening and activities of the Victoria & Albert Museum's monthly Friday Late "Metal Rocks" last week. As you might be able to tell the theme was jewellery and music.

Here's some bits'n'bobs I picked up on my way round - a decorate-it-yourself edible ring, a t-shirt charm, a little wooden fish (that I fished with a rod from a barrel) and oddly enough a spring.

A tower of shiny discs each personalised by a Friday Later. Mine's the one in the middle, not that you can make out anything much in the photo :) And in the most beautiful room in the building which is part of the cafe people were playing RockStar (below).

It was great to be in the museum late and a DJ in the foyer playing 80s/90s power ballads was pretty fab.