Sunday, 13 January 2008

Things are A-Changing!

Today marks a small but I think significant change to my Etsy shop. A new banner, one that actually represents a little of what's in the shop.


Now all I need is some new items in the shop. I have a few finished illustrations that are now just waiting for the delivery of a new printer. That could be a while. But hopefully by then I'll have even more ready and waiting. I can't wait!

PS. Thanks to everyone visiting and leaving comments. It's been a great 1st 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...
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decadentdiamond said...

Looks lovely, what was it like before?
..also, everytime I see your avatar, I always wonder what the little girl looks like!
(She definitely has freckles in my mind!)

Hey Harriet said...

Strangely I can't remember what your previous banner looked like. However, I like this one anyways. It's sweet. Looking at your art makes me want to eat icecream. Slightly weird perhaps...but I really like icecream. Any excuse to indulge ;D