Friday, 15 February 2008

A Visit to a Wonderful Blog

Julie of JULIE ♥ ADORE recently posted this on her blog. It's my The Good Harvest Supermarket. I was led there by a comment she left on my blog though I've been there before during which I made an attempt to remember my school French.

I have to say she has one of the most beautiful blogs I've seen, full of lovely pictures of other artists' work. It's definitely a place to make great discoveries. So if you haven't been why not go now.


Nathalie said...

Hi Janice
I completely agree with Julie :). I stumbled upon your Etsy shop and have admired your lovely drawings !!!
I love the story they tell...
A fan :)
Thanks for sharing such beautiful things with us.

Nat said...

One more thing... My favourite drawings is Sallys Metropolis !
Bye for now ;)

Tizzalicious said...

That looks so great!

I'm going to check your shop out now :)