Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Welcome to Pikaland!

Lovely Amy at Pikaland let me know she'd posted about me a few days ago.

So I trotted on over and aside from seeing my own work I saw some wonderful pieces of art and illustration I'd never come across before.

Apparently pika means bright, happy, shiny in Japanese, so Pikaland means The land of bright, lovely, happy things. How apt.


Tizzalicious said...

Pikaland sounds cute :) Japanese can be so adorable!

Cicada Studio said...

That's a great blog! You fit right in with all the wonderfulness.

roachz said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Unfortunately Gotham City will be the only nice work that i could bear to show to anyone! I hope for better ones to surface soon but since i am not an illustrator and am a certified lazy b*stard, it will be kind of unlikely :))

I will drool over your work instead. Keep it up and I will stay tuned!

Teresa said...

Looks like your work fit in beautifully :) so cute!

Derek McCrea said...

I am a watercolor artist with a blog and I am interested in exchanging links with your site. My site is at http://watercolorpaintingart.blogspot.com/ If you are interested please send me your information so I can expeditely add your link.

Derek McCrea
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