Sunday, 13 April 2008

* We Make London *

Amendment 6th May: I will no longer be taking part in this but if you're about please go along and support some wonderful indie artists and designers.

On 22nd June 2008 I will be venturing outside of the online marketplace and making my 1st foray into "live" selling at new art & craft event We Make London at Dragon Hall, Covent Garden.

"We Make is a collection of trendy UK designers who until now have only been able to buy and sell online and in exclusive boutiques. We Make London is the first of what we plan to be many shows which will showcase the talents and designs of the We Make team. You won’t find We Make on the high street."

For more info please visit: The We Make blog

This is a piece from 1 of more than 25 artists & designers who will be taking part. And who I'll be sharing a stall with.



kitty stitch said...

this sounds great, I may try to get up there. good luck with it!

IslandBaby said...

That is so exciting...have fun! I wish I were in London :(

BabyLyons said...

How exciting!
Love those earrings :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Good luck with your show! I'm sure you'll do great!